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Development in Brooklyn is happening at a rapid pace especially in the downtown area near the Brooklyn Bridge, the federal court, the State Supreme Court, Atlantic Avenue, and surrounding neighborhoods. The Barclays Center is an example of the result of new construction and a welcome new addition to Brooklyn. High rise condos are being built in downtown Brooklyn. One drawback to a flurry of construction is the attention contractors pay to the safety of their workers. Too often contractors are under a deadline to get the job done as fast as possible which may put their construction worker’s safety in danger.

Construction workers in Brooklyn including laborers, iron workers, window washers, carpenters, welders, steam fitters, and other workers can turn to the F&A Injury law firm if they are injured in a work accident. F&A specializes in all types of construction accidents. Our trial lawyers are in the Brooklyn courts on a daily basis and know the ins and outs of practice when it comes to construction law.

Workers injured due to a fall from a height such as a ladder or scaffold are afforded the protection of Labor Law 240. This statute puts liability on the general contractor and the landlord of the construction job site. Another common case is where a falling object strikes a worker injuring him.

A knowledgeable Brooklyn construction accident attorney will conduct a complete investigation by checking the Department of Building file, the Industrial Code. Further, a construction accident trial lawyer will go to the construction site where the accident happened and take photographs, measurements, witness statements, and leave no stone unturned in understanding what happened and how it happened. Next, an experienced attorney will coordinate the construction worker’s medical care with the top medical specialists in the New York City area. If needed, the lawyer will retain construction site safety experts who will review all the relevant statutes and codes including OSHA.

F&A injury lawyers take pride in representing construction workers and obtaining multi million dollar settlements and verdicts. Recently, F&A settled a construction accident matter involving an excavator machine that accidentally dropped stones out of the bucket which hit a worker in the back. F&A settled this case for nearly $3,000,000.00 A few years back F&A represented an injured worker struck by a temporary lightbox while installing tile at a subway station under construction near Yankee Stadium. F&A obtained a jury verdict of $2,800,000.00 in that case.

If you or a loved one was injured at a construction site, contact the Brooklyn construction accident attorneys at F&A. Call us toll free at 866 ATTY LAW, dial us locally at (212) 222-1111 or just hit # 919 from any NYC cell phone to reach us. You can also use the contact us form on our website.

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Frekhtman & Associates handled my motor vehicle accident. The case was successfully resolved, in a timely manner, thanks to the great team at Frekhtman & Associates, and especially Jennifer Sheridan. She was helping me with every question or concern, and was always prompt with answers. I am completely satisfied.

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